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Fans of the Mondo original series posters will be able to add another one to their collection if they act quickly tomorrow.

The newest Mondo poster release will be announced at a random time tomorrow via their @MondoNews, their Twitter feed.

The newest poster in the Mondo series is based on the Let That Be Your Battlefield episode of the original series, and the poster has been created by Tom Whalen .

The planet Cheron, on fire, is seen in the middle of the poster.  Bele and Lokai, two representatives of the two warring races of Cheron, are on the left and right side of the poster. At the top of the poster, near the center, the USS Enterprise can be seen.

The Let That Be Your Last Battlefield poster, printed by D&L Screen Printing, is hand-numbered (limited edition of 215) and measures 18″ by 24″. The poster will sell for $40.00.

Click on the thumbnail image to see a larger-sized photo of the poster.

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