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feed Happy Birthday, Zoe Saldana in link (2011-6-20 8:29:27)
Today is the birthday of Zoe Saldana, the fourth June birthday for members of the new Star Trek crew (following Zach Quinto, Karl Urban and John Cho). The new Uhura is turning 33 years old. We here at TrekMovie want to wish Zoe a big happy birthday.& ...

feed Science Saturday: $1/2 Mil Starship Design + Curiousity Ready + Transparent Plane + Deep Space DIY in link (2011-6-19 9:57:42)
This week in a very spacey edition of Science Saturday, wave bon voyage to Mars rover Curiosity, win $500k for sending humans to another star, tour the universe and help scientists discover new objects in our galaxy, and see Star Trek on This Week @ ...

feed New Webseries “Transolar Galactica” Spoofs Star Trek Movie in link (2011-6-18 13:49:08)
The new webseries "Transolar Galactica" sounds like it is related to Battlestar Galactica, but it is actually more of a spoof of the new Star Trek movie, right down to the copious use of lens flares. So far two short episodes have been releas ...

feed Rod Roddenberry Looking To Fans To Help Finish “Trek Nation” Documentary in link (2011-6-18 12:02:54)
Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry’s son Rod Roddenberry has been working on his "Trek Nation" documentary about his father and Trek fans for the last few years. Now Rod is taking one more pass to put the finishing touches on the projec ...

feed Star Trek Movie Universe Comic Series Coming In September – To Reenvision Classic TOS Episodes in link (2011-6-18 6:40:40)
Today brings exciting news for Trek comics fans and fans of the 2009 Star Trek movie. IDW has announced their first ongoing monthly Star Trek series and it will take place in the new movie universe with new twists on stories from the original Star Tr ...

feed Retro Review: Mudd’s Passion in link TrekToday (2011-6-18 6:31:13)
No one is more surprised than Harry Mudd when the love potion he’s been selling causes Spock to fall in love with Christine Chapel. Plot Summary: The Enterprise arrives at the mining planet Motherlode to arrest Harry Mudd for fraud, swindling, ...

feed Video: Simon Pegg On Conan and Attack Of The Show in link (2011-6-18 3:09:24)
Simon Pegg, Star Trek’s new Scotty, is on a mini-tour promoting the US release of his memoir "Nerd Do Well." Yesterday he arrived in Los Angeles and appeared on Attack of the Show and Conan, you can watch the videos below (which are ent ...

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