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feed Frakes: Attached to Riker in link TrekToday (2011-6-21 2:36:14)
At last week’s Calgary Comic Con, the fan-friendly Jonathan Frakes spoke about his work on Star Trek: The Next Generation and about his attachment to Commander William T. Riker. Frakes acknowledged the importance of the fans who supported Star ...

feed Pegg: More Paul? in link TrekToday (2011-6-21 2:33:39)
In a recent interview to promote the DVD and Blu-ray release of Paul , Simon Pegg discussed the possibility of a sequel to the sci-fi comedy. Pegg and Nick Frost have already been mulling over the idea of a sequel and what it would take to make that ...

feed No Shatner in Star Trek 2 in link TrekToday (2011-6-21 2:30:01)
According to the man himself, William Shatner won’t be seen in next year’s Star Trek 2 . Answering a fan question at the Calgary Expo in Canada, Shatner admitted that he would again not be in a J.J. Abrams Trek film. “I’ve be ...

feed TDMDownloads version 1.6 Final in link XOOPS Web Application System (2011-6-20 16:40:00)
FreeXoopServices team is pleased to announce the release of TDMDownloads 1.6 final. List of bugs It was impossible to choose categories to show in the block admin (nothing is shown) (Mage). In the modification request, if the logo doesn't exist, the ...

feed Jim Beam Me Up! Trekkie asks Jim Beam to Send Him to the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention in link (2011-6-20 10:28:45)
Jim Beam Me Up! One Trekkie has taken to Twitter to launch a campaign to get Jim Beam to sponsor him as the "first Official Unofficial Trekkie of Jim Beam" and send him to the big Creation Star Trek convention in Las Vegas this August. The Se ...

feed William Shatner: I’m Not In Star Trek Sequel in link (2011-6-20 9:10:47)
The question of whether or not William Shatner will appear in a new Star Trek movie has been a hot topic since the first JJ Abrams Trek film was announced in 2006. Much of that speculation has come from Shatner himself, but it appears that today he i ...

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