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feed Videos From Star Trek: The Exhibition At Kennedy Space Center and Filmpark Germany in link (2011-6-17 7:37:03)
Last weekend Star Trek: The Exhibition opened at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Another engagement also opened in May at Filmpark in Germany. To give you a better look at these latest engagements of the touring exhibit of Star Trek memorabilia, ...

feed Happy Captain Picard Day in link (2011-6-17 6:11:33)
Like First Contact Day (April 5) and Anniversary Day (September 8), today is a special Star Trek holiday. In future history June 16th will be celebrated on the USS Enterprise(s) commanded by Captain Jean Luc Picard. Find out more below, plus see how ...

feed Saldana May Join Abrams-Produced Movie in link TrekToday (2011-6-17 4:43:47)
Zoë Saldana , best-known to Star Trek fans as Star Trek XI ‘s Lieutenant Uhura, is in negotiations for a role in Infinite Polar Bear . If Saldana signs for the role, she will play the wife of a bipolar husband who has gone off of his meds and ...

feed Star Trek 2 Shooting Schedule To Be Delayed? in link TrekToday (2011-6-17 4:40:56)
First, word came that Star Trek 2 would be delayed and would probably not be released on its expected summer 2012 date, and now comes word that shooting the film will also start late. spoke recently with writers Damon Lindelof, Alex Ku ...

feed Star Trek 2 Behind By Months in link TrekToday (2011-6-16 10:30:58)
Yesterday J.J. Abrams stopped by The Howard Stern Show to promote Super 8 , but he also gave an update on Star Trek 2 . Although Abrams has yet to see the script for Star Trek 2 , he was able to let Stern and Trek fans know how far behind the sequel ...

feed Montgomery: We Did Our Best in link TrekToday (2011-6-16 3:57:55)
Fans were split when it came to Star Trek: Enterprise ; some liked it and some did not, but as far as Anthony Montgomery was concerned, all that the actors on a show can do is to do their best work and not worry about what people say. “As the ...

feed Wheaton To Reprise Eureka Role in link TrekToday (2011-6-15 5:25:29)
Wil Wheaton will be returning to Syfy’s Eureka , again playing Dr. Isaac Parrish. Last seen in the fourth season episode All the Rage , which aired last summer, Wheaton will appear in seven episodes to air in the second half of the season whic ...

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