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USS Firebrand

USS Firebrand - Freedom class starship / NCC-68723

This ship can be seen at the left edge when the Enterprise-D is shown entering the debris field.

USS Princeton and USS Firebrand studio models

(screen cap by Nick Angeloni)

Freedom class - screencap vs. 3D

(image by The Red Admiral)

In 1991, I saw the Firebrand and the Princeton studio models at "Hollywood Movie Exposition" in Osaka, Japan. I have recently noticed that there is the same thickness with the neck part of the Firebrand and the Stargazer. It can be guessed that a neck part is the same part as the one of the Stargazer.

Comparison of the Hathaway and the Firebrand

The Firebrand was built by Greg jein using one 4-foot Enterprise-D studio model warp nacelle, the main saucer from the 3-foot Enterprise-D studio model and the dorsal neck from the the 3-foot Stargazer studio model. Some small parts were custom-made.

USS Firebrand side view

USS Firebrand - Model size comparison

USS Firebrand model parts composition

Visit the Freedom class reconstruction page at Ex Astris Scientia for more imformation.

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