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USS Ahwahnee

USS Ahwahnee - Cheyenne class starship / NCC-73620

This ship can be seen in the upper right corner when the Enterprise-D is shown entering the debris field.

USS Ahwahnee and USS Chekov

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USS Ahwahnee studio model

(image by Hobbes)

Ahwahnee components

(image by NeghVar)

The Ahwahnee was built by Ed Miarecki using two saucer bottom halves from the AMT/ERTL 1/2500 Enterprise-D kit, bridge and saucer impulse engines from the AMT/ERTL 1/1400 Enterprise-D kit, two custom-made pylons and four marker-pens as warp nacelles.

USS Ahwahnee model parts composition

Final side view

(created by Bernd Schneider)

Final top view

(created by Bernd Schneider)

Visit the Cheyenne class reconstruction page at Ex Astris Scientia[/ja]を訪れてみて下さい。[/ja] for more imformation.

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